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All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)


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Hey, everyone, how's it going? Today I have a Lego vehicle (All Terrain Vehicle, to be specific) made out of (gasp) real Legos! I am not a big Lego collector, so with my limited amount of pieces, it was difficult finding all the right peices and colors for this small thing. But, as no Lego set has truly well-represented the ATV, I decided that it was my destiny, or something, to upload this, even though the piece count is relatively low, I still think it would make a great set and vehicle addition to any Lego city. Please support and ask... your people... to. You know what, just support, why not. LOL. Thanks, all, Peanutgallery4.

60 pieces, as of now. (P.s., this is an upgrade and reupload.

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