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Road to Everest - Jingle Truck, Rickshaw, & Tuk Tuk


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Immerse yourself in an adventure on the road to Mt. Everest and learn about the unique vehicles of Southern Asia!

  • Jingle Trucks, culturally common to the region, are decked out with chains that make music when they drag along the highways and are hand painted with beautiful colors, patterns, and pictures in order to bring luck to the drivers that operate them. This is known locally as "truck art".
  • Rickshaws are the way to get around when streets are too small or crowded.
  • Tuk Tuks or Auto Rickshaws, are open aired, 3-wheeled motor vehicles common further south in more tropical areas. They're fast, efficient, and fun!
  • Scooters and motorcycles are popular due to their ease to use, their affordability, and their size for traffic and parking.

If you'd like this to become a real set so you can build and celebrate these vehicles yourself, please vote and share with family, friends, & other enthusiasts!

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