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The Dragon and the Egg


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The Dragon and the Egg

This project has the main goal to design it from a limited number of bricks, and keep it dragon-like, meanwhile it is a well-structured, stable animal, that kids can effectively play with it, not falling apart, when parts are adjusted. Briefly: inexpensive and playable.

After a number of redesign process:

  • the front legs are stronger-built, smaller than the rear legs but still similar,
  • the backbone spikes are harmonized with the spikes on the neck and on the tail,
  • the hinge parts in the middle of the wings must be built first to figure out the exact number of hinges to be both stable but moveable.

I am not sure, how to add that, being this my first project, but I created a master piece of building instruction, and I hope, I can add it somewhere during upload. Please click to open that.

Hope you guys like it as much as my kid does!


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