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Matallo Strikes Back

If Lego does decide to make this as a lego set it will probably cost $35-$45.
It's based off of "Superman and Batman Public Enemies", but instead of a cementary it is a ruined building.

As you can see in the front their is a trapdoor, by the green asids,and a street light.

The characters we chose for this set are Superman, Lex Luthor, Matallo (human form), and Matallo (robot form).

We might change Matallo's robot form to a mini figure version if we upgrade him.

In the front of the car their is a place so Matallo can sit we might change the car to a limozine like in the movie.

Matallo can stand in the middle of the fire!

After 5000 supporters we will upgrade it and we will make another Lego set.

Please support us so maybe this could be a real Lego set.

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