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Toys'N'Play - The Terrific Two-story Toystore . . .

"Toys 'n' Play" is a cool new toystore that is fun for the whole family.
They have balloons filled with helium, an assortement of Lego, teddybears, model planes, skateboards, rollerskates, iceskates and dartboars complete with various darts.

Take the glass stairs to the second floor and you will find model helicopters and model boats next to the playing cards. They also have the cosplay rack where one can dress up as S-Man or Fledermaus-Man. Naturally there is a game corner with computergames, controllers, play-swords, caps, headsets and masks of Lord-Helmet. On your way down, do not forget to stop and checkout the bowling corner.

After you have payed at the cozy cash register (You should pay, they have an alarmsystem at the doors) it is time to wander outside. There is an electrician working at the corner, a mom with her kids, a bikestand, a mailbox and the all important fire hydrant.

Then there are two signs. One Lego sign and a big sign with the store name on it. The last one can rotate if you want. On the jagged roof we have a skylight and both streets... they have a name...

- - -

This set is about 2350 parts. All parts, no execptions, are all standard existing Lego bricks. 

The set has seven minifigs. Eight if you include the baby in the stroller and nine if you also count the Lego Mannequin as a minifig...
1 - The cashier
2 - The manager (second floor near the cards)
3 - A customer at the cash register
4 - A customer on the second floor
5 - The mom with the stroller
6 - Girl with the icecream
7 - The technician

- - -

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