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Parisian Corner


Parisian Corner

The Parisian Corner was inspired by my recent trip to Paris. The original model exceeded the 3,000 piece limit. So, I’m trying again with this one at 2,821 pieces on a 32x32 baseplate. This building includes all the best features of the buildings I saw including the typical gray-colored slanted roofs, gabled-windows, vibrant red colors, green plants on balconies, ornamental masonry, and blue-colored flowers with vines weaving in and out of wrought-iron railings. The Parisian Corner is a L-shaped building that contains a cooking school, art studio, dance school, Café Opéra, pharmacy (pharmacie), and a bakery (boulangerie). This three story building has removable layers to show off each room inside. This is the second version of this model I have submitted on Lego Ideas. Bustling with tourists, merchants and locals, the ground floor is the most active. Here, you’ll find the Pharmacie, Boulangerie, Café Opera, and the private entrance to the upper floors of the building. On the street, you’ll find the organ grinder I’ve seen in the Opera district of Paris. His cats are trained to walk amongst Parisians and tourists. Further down the street is a French painter showing off his talents to tourists; all the while hoping to sell some paintings. Café Opéra is a typical Parisian venue where people congregate among the crowded tables to talk business, politics and art. Often these tables take up half the sidewalk; just so people can sit and “people watch.” The Pharmacie is conveniently marked with vibrant green colors with a green “+” plus sign that can be seen for blocks. These pharmacies are everywhere in Paris and easy to spot. The owner of the bakery next door is proud to show off their enticing food like macarons and cheese. Notice the oven door that opens and closes allowing a baking tray to be inserted and removed.

The second floor contains a cooking school where students will learn the fine art of French cooking. The third floor contains the dancing school and art studio. Each floor has access to a fire escape in the rear of the building.

The Parisian Corner can be easily connected to other Lego modular buildings by the connectors at the base. It goes great with Lego’s Parisian Restaurant #10243. Children will love it because of its playability. Many of its components can be borrowed and used in countless other Lego CiTY, Creator and modular creations.

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