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The Flash Star Labs


In this set there are seven minifigs: Barry Allen, The Flash, Reverse Flash, Harrison Wells, Captain Cold, Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow. This is supposed to be as accurate as possible to the Star Labs you see in the CW show. There are approximately 450 pieces in this set. There are many different parts.

The Work Area.
There is a work area where Cisco and Caitlin can do research to help The Flash stop the villains. This is minifigure scaled and includes two mugs. 
there is a treadmill which can be elevated and lowered to your preference. You can fit in The Flash to test Barry's speed.​
Suit Area
There is a compartment where The Flash suit can be kept just like in the show.​
The Reverse Flash's secret room
Harrison Wells can enter his secret room which holds his suit (Reverse Flash) and the place he finds information.
The Containment Cell​
The containment cell can hold Captain Cold as well as any other minifigs you want.​
*This is based off of the first season of The Flash

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