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There are very few instruments out there that our beloved minifigures can play, right? But what about the rest? Since I have been a percussion player for a few years, I have always loved the sound and excitement that comes with playing these types of instruments. However, I've noticed that most of these instruments haven't even been made by the LEGO Company! I wanted to share this love for music with every LEGO fan out there, as well as with our minifigure friends. Besides, what's life without music? 

(I'm aware that some of these instruments aren't percussion, but they are similar in some aspects and not yet made as a LEGO product like the others. Plus, they're my favorites. :] )


Minifigure not included.

The music for the piano could be the same design as in The LEGO Movie: Creative Ambush 70812 set found on the back of the plane, so this way the print can be the same.

The keyboard includes a little pedal and an "adjustable" bench. When the minifigure sits down, it still looks like a perfectly smooth bench. Cool, right?

I'm hoping that the harp might include string/thread that can be strewn between the bricks of the harp for the more accurate and ideal model design. 

The drum set is indeed multiple pieces, and some of the pieces cannot be placed on a stud and must be stood up without the aid of clutch power. I figured this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Both the Marimba and the Vibraphone include a pair of mallets. 

The Bass is usually played with or without a bow (at least, the big cello-like one). Electric cellos look similar to guitars, so I didn't add one. 

All designs were built on the LEGO Digital Designer application. Stability and playability may be affected by this, and I cannot guarantee a perfect set. 

The instruments can be sold separately, in groups, or all together if this makes the cut. It's up to the LEGO Company to decide that. 

Check out some other instrument designs and some amazing keyboard builds by Hidaka at this link here:

Thanks for reading and all the support! 


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