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Rock House


This idea of ​​mine shows a rock house, made of almost 3000 pieces, it has a minifigure, the shipwrecked man, and also animals: a cat, crabs, a parrot and seagulls. It has two main parts: the house itself and the main rock part, which are connected by a small bridge. Below the cliffs there is a small beach with a tiny harbor. There are plants, crabs on the shore and seagulls at the port.

The man's house is located on a cliff: it is made of wood, has a main room, a terrace and a viewing area. The main room is made up of the kitchen: there are furnishings, trumpet taps, dishes and tools, as well as a ladder that leads us up to the observation deck. At the lookout there are binoculars, a flag and a couple of candles. As we exit the door and cross the bridge, we reach the main rock section, where we can discover gardens, a chicken coop and a water source from which water comes, part of which the man leads into the house (with the help of bamboo) so that he can use the water using a trumpet tap, the and another part of water leaves the rock in the form of a waterfall. Corn is grown in the gardens next to the spring, and carrots and sunflowers are grown in the one on the side of the cliff.

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