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Mini City Diorama: Amsterdam!


Specifically designed for Lego enthusiasts with little room, this entire city diorama sits on a 16x16 baseplate

02 Legostraat, Amsterdam

 Ever wanted to make a whole city in Lego, from street level to roofscapes, from transport hubs to private apartments, but you don’t have the room or the budget for a giant MOC? 

That’s why I created 02 Legostraat, Amsterdam. I took my inspiration from our cites themselves; don’t go out, go up! The mini city is based on a 16x16 baseplate, one quarter the size of a standard modular building, but what it lacks in width, it makes up in height and detail.

Within this tiny floorplan, I aimed to cram as many of the features and functions of the iconic city of Amsterdam as possible. So, what does this model contain?


What can you see?


Amsterdam is defined by its canals, and 02 Legostraat, Amsterdam is no different. In the canal you can find frogs, fishes, and sunken bicycles. Above sits your very own canal boat, complete with a tiny propeller beneath, warm coffee within, and plant pots on top.

On the street you will find another bicycle alongside Amsterdam’s famous skinny bridge to ride it over, which like the real thing can be raised and lowered via a chain and counterweight. Overhead the busy industrial life of Amsterdam can be seen, with various goods being lowered in crates from the warehouse winches above. 

If you are tired of riding your bike around the city, you could take a break at Coffee and Cookies, a family friendly coffee shop, with alfresco seating overlooking the canal to enjoy your lunch with, and a friendly barista within to help you choose from your favourite treats. 

Downstairs in the cellar, the chef can be found alongside some of Amsterdam’s best cuisine, with shelves full of Gouda Cheese, and a wall of customary Amsterdam beverages to choose from. If you look closely, he seems to be helping himself to his own products! 

After a long day in the city, you will need some rest. Above the busy streets your warehouse apartment number 02 Legostraat awaits. Climb the old flood stairs, go through the green door, hang your umbrella in the hallway and leave the city behind. Kick your feet up on the sofa and relax, with the TV and bookshelf to keep you entertained. From the outside, you will see that a mural of the flag of Amsterdam has been painted onto the bricks.

Climbing the final set of stairs will take you to the attic, where a small artist’s studio can be found. This section of the city celebrates the huge contribution that Amsterdam has made to the Arts, having been one of the epicentres of the Dutch Golden Age, the setting for Rembrandts Night’s Watch, as well has containing the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings anywhere in the world. What better way to end to the day than painting sunflowers by sunset?  


Who lives there?


Meet the characters that you can bump into around the city:

The Chef, the Dog Walker (with her forever escaping dog), the Barista, the Architect (from my last project), and the Artist.


The details:


02 Legostraat, Amsterdam is designed to be both a display piece and a playset, to be as equally at home on an office shelf as a child’s floor. The build easily deconstructs into its four floor plates, so you will be able to access all parts of your own mini Amsterdam, and the whole set rests on its own custom stand, so you can pack all the detail into one compact display piece.   



I hope you all love my little Amsterdam as much as I do, please consider giving it your support!



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