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The Vintage 1957 Harley Davidson Sportster XL

     In 1957, Harley introduced the Sportster series, which included the Sportster XL. This series was unique in its construction and beautiful in its proportions. The first generation Sportster also highlighted its dual-colored fuel tank design.


     After the completion of my BMW R60, I was encouraged by many LEGO connoisseurs to pursue and build an even more detailed motorcycle to complement the R60. Many long hours were spent in search of the right parts and perfecting the design before I finally approached a model that matched the real-world Sportster. 


     My model Sportster features brake and clutch levers, fork boots, and brake cables in the front steering. The engine contains cylinders, spark plugs, push rods, circuit breakers, a horn trumpet, a generator, foot-shift levers, a kick-starter shaft, and rear shafts. Additional details include a tool box, suspensions, rear brake rods, a speedometer, a kickstand, and foot protectors, etc.


     These meticulous designs are all reflective of Harley Davidson’s pursuit in authenticity and perfection. I hope those that appreciate Harley’s values can appreciate those same values that went into the construction of my model... Help me reach my goal by giving me a vote, and thank you for supporting me in my LEGO pursuits!


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