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Once Upon a Time's Storybrooke

Once upon a time…
All the fairy tale characters we know, or thought we knew, were cursed to a land without magic, our world. In the small town of Storybrooke, a boy, named Henry, makes a heroic sacrifice to bring his mother, Emma Swan, to terms with who she is…The Savior. Emma breaks the 28-year-long curse of Storybrooke, and with the cunning actions of Mr. Gold, bring magic to Storybrooke. What dangers could they be in for now?

From the creative minds of Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis comes the beloved fantasy show Once Upon A Time. This show embodies what fantasy can be and reinvents the stories I grew up hearing from books and watching on tapes. I have followed this show since the beginning and have seen it morph into a complex story that is incomparable to other television dramas. I have always dreamed of stepping onto the concrete roads of downtown Storybrooke and exploring every magical shop that was offered. I have longed for the emotion of hearing the ticks of the Storybrooke clock and smelling the foods of Granny's Diner. This model captures all of my desires and what I have loved for the past 11 years. I wholeheartedly believe this small town can become famous once more if it were made into a set. Not only does it offer endless play and storytelling for young builders, but making this project a reality would recapture the fans that still adore this show to this day.

About the Model:

Welcome to Storybrooke! This model is based on the 2011-2018 hit fantasy tv show Once Upon A Time, This model mainly portrays the town from the first three seasons, but with many references to the other seasons. Storybrooke features the three most prominent locations of the town: Granny’s Diner, Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop, and the Storybrooke Public Library. Storybrooke features 14 minifigures: Mary Margaret Blanchard, David Nolan, Emma Swan, Henry Mills, Regina Mills, August Booth, Killian Jones, Mr. Gold, Belle French, Zelena, Archie Hopper with his dog Pongo, Ruby Lucas, Widow Lucas (Granny), and news reporter for the Storybrooke Daily Mirror, Sidney Glass.

The first little side build is the “Welcome to Storybrooke” entrance sign. August Booth’s motorcycle is also included with a mysterious brown box on the back side of it. 

Granny’s Diner offers plenty of outdoor space for hanging out and meeting with friends. The mural of Storybrooke’s coastline and the sign pointing to Granny’s Bed and Breakfast is also featured here. If the outdoors is not to your liking, Granny’s hosts many indoor seating options including 2 cushioned booths, a dining table, and 2 bar stool seating chairs that await hungry guests. The serving counter also features delectable treats and delicious drinks. A jukebox-style machine allows for fan-favorite tunes. The retro clock depicts 7:15, a reference to Episode 10 of the first season when Mary Margaret watches David get coffee every morning. The side wall can open for ease of access, and the second floor can be removed. The second floor is a room in Granny’s Bed and Breakfast. A bed, couch, rug, lamp, nightstand with mirror, and a desk are found in here. The desk offers a simple typewriter and a drawing of The Dark One’s dagger. The diner utilizes Very Light Bluish Gray, a recently added color to LEGO’s pallet, for the majority of the build. 

Find all of the references to the show in Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop. The front of the shop includes items such as the glass unicorn mobile, an enchanted candle, wooden puppets, a windmill, magic beans, a mouse statue, a pirate ship, various potions, and the Snow Queen’s yellow ribbons and memory stones. The back of the shop also features some treasurable artifacts such as Rumpelstiltskin’s spinning wheel, the Blue Fairy’s wand, Baelfire’s scarf, a chipped teacup, and a clear jar of invisible chalk that can be used to create a barrier between you and your enemies. Also hung on the walls are pages from the storybook that was pivotal in the tv series: Snow and Charming’s wedding, the birth of Emma Swan, and Page 23. The side wall, back wall, and roof can all be removed for ease of access and play. 

Lastly, the Storybrooke Public Library offers a unique angular design. I have chosen to display the clock tower at 8:16-a reference to the end of the first episode where time started moving again in the “frozen-in-time” Storybrooke; however, the clock hands can display any time. The library is modular and can be taken apart into 4 sections. The first floor features a circulation desk with a computer and phone. A bookshelf filled with colorful volumes and a book cart for play can also be found. Two distinct items in the library are the glass coffin that is functional and minifigure compatible, and a mound of black dragon dust, signifying the battle between Emma Swan and the fire-breathing dragon in the finale of the first season. When the dust is opened, a golden egg is revealed representing the container for the Potion of True Love, which is also included. The second level is a reading nook with two sofa chairs, a coffee table, and lamps. The third floor showcases an array of different size storage boxes and containers. A spiral staircase leads up to the fourth floor, showing the clock's inner mechanics. This is also where Mr. Gold can be found conjuring magic with the Sorcerer’s Hat.

Interesting Recolors:

Apple in Dark Red, Cone Drooping Wizard Hat in Satin Trans-Purple, Minifigure Scarf in Tan, Umbrella Top in Tan, Technic Disk in Aqua, Unicorn Horn in Trans-Clear and Dark Red, Brick Round Corner Dome Top in Dark Red, Minifigure Utensil/Chair in Olive Green, Forestmen's Hat in Dark Red, Minifigure Wand in Flat Silver and Blue, Glass Window 1x4x6 in Satin Trans-Light Blue, Plant Vine in Olive Green, Spindled Fence and Picket Fence in Dark Green


Piece Count: 2998
Minifigures: 14
Granny's Diner:
H: 9.0" (22.8cm)
W: 10.7" (27.3cm)
L: 11.1" (28.2cm)
Storybrooke Public Library
H: 15.6" (39.6cm)
W: 9.6" (24.5cm)
L: 9.6" (24.5cm)
Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop
H: 9.3" (23.7cm)
W: 12.3" (31.2cm)
L: 9.0" (22.8cm)

Do you want to break the curse and see this set become a reality? Help by clicking the support button! If you have already done so, please share on social media using the tag #LEGOStorybrooke! It only takes one to break the curse, but a village to win the final battle.


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