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Island of the Tower Wizards


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Once upon a time there was a deserted island with a cave, a cave that held special magical crystals that could enlighten and empower anyone who would harness them. One day a young wizard's boat crashed on the shores of this deserted island. The young wizard saw the crystals and knew the potential so piece by piece he built a special Wizards Tower that had the power to harness the crystal and bring enlightenment to him and any other Wizard who would come to learn. He sent his trained parrots across the sea with messages of his grand tower and invited any daring witch/wizard to come and learn from his newly gained wisdom.
I had an idea of a deserted island with a small tower on it, which morphed into a giant wizard tower on top of a small outcropping of rock on a small deserted island. I think this could make an amazing LEGO set, as it is so massive and would be an excellent build as well as be fun to play with. There are many staircases, rooms and areas that can be fun to play with. I've also added a few broomsticks so the wizards in training can have fun flying around the island area!

Please consider supporting this set, I would be great to see what the LEGO designers could do with this idea, thanks for considering!

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