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my idea is " lego - nations "
1 - box of lego is similar to book with thickness around 5 cm and with the shape of book so it is easy to put in library in home and the cover of that box is map of the country + picture of people from that nation with traditional clothes + flag of that country + brief of information and so on
2 - each box contain 2 minifigures woman and men wear traditional clothes .
3 - each box contain pieces to make flag of that country
4 - each box contain pieces to make a famous building of that country
5 - base plate to put all that around 8x8
6 - small instruction book
7 - small information book about that country for children.
finally in the world there are 220 countries
i wish you support this idea and if i have 10 supporters i'll do my best to make more presentation of my idea
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we can make plate with the shape of the country and each continents with same color i thinkand in each plate we can put each countries beside the othersalso we can make tile 2x4 and put the flag of the country as shown in picture above

this is the box of lego nations
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