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TRON Light Cycle Game Grid Set


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Greetings, programs! 

The ground-breaking movie, TRON (1982), showcased an incredible vision of an electronics-inspired fantasy world.  This computerized realm is the home of heroes, whose belief in the Users, inspires them in their fight against the tyranny of the Master Control Program (MCP).

On the game grid, our heroes prove their mettle in a dangerous competition using Light Cycles, one of the the coolest and most iconic sci-fi vehicles ever conceived for the cinema.

This proposed LEGO Ideas project includes Light Cycle vehicles in four colors:

  1. Blue, typically piloted by Master Control Program (MCP) conscripts,
  2. Red, 
  3. Yellow, and
  4. Gold, or in LEGO color terms: Flame Yellowish Orange

Four LEGO mini-figures are proposed:

  1. Sark, the sadistic enforcer for the Master Control Program,
  2. TRON, the hero who fights for the Users,
  3. Flynn, video game master, and 
  4. Yori, the heroine that helps TRON and Flynn in their struggle against the MCP.

The Light Cycle prototype LEGO models, with a mini-figure driver, each consist of around 100 pieces.  They have widely opening doors, so that a LEGO mini-figure can be easily moved in and out of the vehicle.


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