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Poison Ivy's Mutated Tree Mech


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About This Project

This project is Poison Ivy's answer to Batman and the Joker's mechs. She saw them battling and thought to herself,"I can't let the boys have all the fun." So she approached a tree and created her mutated tree mech to show them how it's done. It is covered in various types of plant life like flowers, mushrooms, grass, and vines. The mech enhances all of Poison Ivy's powers. It has poison pollen and mind control spores as well. Poison Ivy controls the mech with her mind so there is no need for controls. Plus it is alive too. It has three legs with good articulation. The waist can spin 360 degrees. The arms have good articulation like the legs. One hand is a Venus Flytrap. The other hand is a collection of vines with an eye in the palm. Both hands can hold a minifigure. 

Play Features:

  • Cockpit can hold one minifigure.
  • Arms and legs have good articulation.
  • The waist can spin 360 degrees.
  • The hands can hold a minifigure.
  • Venus Flytrap can open/close.


  • Poison Ivy minifigure.

This is the third in my Batman themed mechs. I have really enjoyed creating this one with it's color and uniqueness from the other mechs I have created. Please support and share if you like it thank you.

Thank you for your support.


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