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LEGO McDonald


LEGO McDonald


The project of  LEGO McDonald was born in 2016, when I wanted to build it for Lego contest "San Giorgio Cse Brick Expo". But for lack of pieces,which I ordered but the pieces arrived late,and then I didn't participate.

This year I've participated and I won the first prize for the best construction.


The building has only one level,on the inside we find the kitchen and some tables,there are a lot of details in the kitchen for example oven for the brioche, coffee machine and hob.

It Includes:

-7 minifigures (3 McDonald crew and 4 clients);

-2 hamburgers,2 brioches and sauces;

-many tables with McDonald colors;

-4 entrance doors;

-McDonald logo's made with Lego;

-3 flowers and 2 hedge;

If you like this design or the idea of LEGO McDonald, please support and follow, thanks for a reading!


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