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Indiana Jones, Raiders Of The Lost Ark: Temple Escape

I have always wanted LEGO to bring back Indiana Jones sets, so why not do it with a very iconic scene. I proudly present my idea: The Temple Escape. 

It was important to me to get every detail from the scene right, so you will be able to recognize many iconic parts of the scene, such as:
- The boulder escape
- The spear trap
- The arrow trap

The idea is split into six sections and includes the plane which Indiana Jones uses to escape the pursuing Hovitos. The set would consist of almost 3000 pieces: 2600 pcs for the temple and the plane takes up about 300 pcs.

Furthermore, there are 6 minifigures:
- Indiana Jones
- Jock
- Dr. René Belloq
- Sapito
- Two Hovitos

I really do hope this idea has intrigued you, it would in my opinion be an important set in any LEGO Indiana Jones fan's collection.

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