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The Penny-Powered Trebuchet

My lords and ladies, I give you the Penny-Powered Trebuchet!

This trebuchet not only makes for a fantastic shelf-piece, but also a fun and interactive toy that utilizes a less common play feature for Lego. Taking a note from the pages of medieval technology, this trebuchet uses a counterweight and sling to toss around Lego bricks. This trebuchet functions the same way as its real life counterpart, and is fairly unique from most Lego catapults I know.

I personally like to use old Canadian pennies to fill the counterweight; it puts unusable currency to good use! You could use almost anything, really. Not just small coinage, but small pebbles, tiny magnets, metal beads, you name it!

With only approximately 120 parts and 2 minifigures, this affordable kit can give your medieval knights the edge the need to stand up against the forces of evil, be it the Evil Wizard's skeleton army, the Dragon Knights, or Viking raiders.

It's size is perfect for a reasonably accessible set, so nearly everyone may add a trebuchet to any medieval landscape or renaissance fair.

When I was a young lad of 7 years, I received my very first Lego Castle set: Knights' Catapult Defense. I had so much fun hurling my Lego bolder at skeleton armies that it inspired me to look more into the real history of the medieval period as a hobby. This trebuchet is a sort of love letter to that old set that was so important and influential to me.

I hope you find interest enough to support this model!

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