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Little Shop of Horrors

Introducing the Little Shop of Horrors LEGO playset.

I created this to be as close as possible to the characters and flower shop set design from the iconic motion picture from 1986. There are four different stages of Audrey II (sprout, budding, flowering, ripened) as well as seven Minifigures; Seymour Krelborn, Audrey, Mr. Mushnik, Orin Scrivello D.D S. and singers Crystal, Ronette & Chiffon.

The Main level is Mushnik Flower Shop. The design includes a scaled recreation of:
  • Display windows with the shop logo.
  • Showroom, cash register & counters.
  • Cold storage & display shelves
  • Flower arrangements by Audrey work area (removable wall)
  • Flowers, tools & utensils
  • Rear exit to the alley
  • Seymour's Bedroom (Seymour's basement bedroom was squeezed into the space that should have been the stairs leading down to the basement for logistical reasons)

The Second level is your average everyday apartment with a giant space plant busting through the floor and roof on its way to conquer the world.

My design includes 7 Minifigures, Motorcycle, Audrey II sprout & Man-Eating Audrey II.

My inspiration for designing this set comes from re-watching the movie recently as the director's cut was re-released a few years ago. Watching this with the whole family it included a completely different ending to the movie I grew up with. So I was inspired to create the giant World Dominating Audrey II. Once the giant man-eating plant was completed I kept going and designed the whole flower shop. 

Getting the detail of the flower shop was surprisingly hard as there were no still images readily available, so I was forced to watch the movie frame-by-frame in order to get an accurate idea of the layout and the details of the flower shop.

Ultimately happy with the final design, the overall layout of the shop is a little bit smaller than I would have liked, however, I had to keep the size and piece count in mind in order to make this a viable set for The LEGO Ideas process.

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