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Meta Ridley Encounter


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For those unfamiliar with the IP this project is based on, Meta Ridley is from the Nintendo-owned video game franchise called Metroid.  Ridley/Meta Ridley is easily the most iconic antagonist throughout the series and appears in various forms.  The series is well known for its exploratory nature and fun gameplay, it would fit right in with LEGO's other themes.

This project proposes a set which feature Samus Aran and Meta Ridley.  Samus features detailed printing, and Meta Ridley is extremely posable thanks to the new ball joint parts.  I have yet to find a pose that this model can't emulate.  I was able to accomplish this in only 174 bricks, which leaves plenty of room for added features depending on what you would like to see in the set, so make sure to leave a comment!

As far as Samus goes, she appears in a fully printed LEGO version of her Varia suit.  Unfortunately, there is no suitable mold for her iconic shoulder armor, the armor piece pictured is the best I can find, but that has issues with restricting how high she can move her arms.  If a more suitable mold is discovered, I'll add the new version in an update.

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