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Lego The Lord of The Rings Mount Doom Temple

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This is the Mount Doom Temple scene from The Lord of the Rings Return of the King! Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee have traveled far into Mordor and finally got to Mount Doom.
This set is the scene from when the two Hobbits enter Mount Doom until they exit Mount Doom. I hope you enjoy my first project! PLEASE SUPPORT!!!

Includes:: 3minifigures, The One Ring, helmet, Elven sword, sword, knife and Mount Doom Temple


This is where Gollum surprise attacks Sam and Frodo! I created a slope contraption for Gollum to slide down.

This part is where Frodo pushes Gollum and the ring after Gollum steals it from him. With gear pieces I was able to make the lava look like it is churning.

This is the ending scene of Mount Doom. It is where the ring has made Mount Doom fall apart and Frodo and Sam are running away and the bridge is falling. For this contraption I built a catapult to fling the bridge away!

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