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Cookie Bakery


Only 3 days for my bakery.

I wish you all Merry Christmas! Thank you all for your support and don´t forget to cake some cookies. :)


I need 6 cookies, sorry 6 supporters of course

It is very close to the extension. Thank you for your help! AWI


A small wish

I wish you all a very nice 3rd advent! I hope the santa clause brings me till 9 supporters ;)

Have a nice christmas time! AWI


Only 22 days to christmas and only 22 days for my project

Only 22 days and then it is christmas. I hope the Cookie Bakery can reach the 100 until christmas. Thanks a lot! AWI


Have a very nice first advent!

I wish all of you a very nice first advent! I hope you have baked enough cookies! :)


Today, goose!

Today there is goose in the oven- the martin´s day goose! DELICIOUS! :)


Cookies Recipe

This is a Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe. This video is not from me but I think I must try this cookies and they look nearly like the Lego cookies. :)

Thank you for your support and bake cookies! :)

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