Product Idea

Winter train station

All aboard! 

This is what the supervisor of this winter train station would say. This station has some nice architectural details, such as: the stone artwork on the outside walls ( this makes the structure look older ), some arches that suspend the station higher from the ground and some furniture inside.

The most interesting mechanism of this train station is the clock that is on the roof. It is actually working, because, at the back of the building, there is a lever that can rotate. This is making the clock's tongue spin  at any hour. The roof is also covered by snow that is falling from it.

Inside the station, the floor is covered, not with snow, but with brown and creme 2 by 2 tiles. There is also a desk, a little drawer and a table. At the other side, there is a little stand with newspapers and a waiting bench for the passengers.

Well, this completes everything, except the light brick that it is situated above the entry.