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Batman's Batwing


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Here is my latest project... Batman's Batwing! (My own version of it) I love the DC Superheros theme, and the original Batman theme, so I decided to create this beast!

Why should this be a real set?

This would be a HIT by LEGO DC and Batman fans! With the complex building techniques used, and the extreme detail that has been put into this model, it would be extremely fun to build!

How should LEGO design this set?

LEGO should print stats of the Batwing on the grey display plate, (Like some of the other UCS sets) and they should make a custom design for the minifigures instead of reusing past figures.

Model Stats:

  • Over 15 hours put into this model
  • Over 1,500 bricks

Model Functions:

  • Includes a mini prison to put The Joker in.
  • A storage hatch on the top of the model opens.
  • Engine spins


Come support this amazing Batwing! It would be a dream model of DC and Batman fans alike!

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