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Seatron: A New Space Legend


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Whoa hang on, what is this?
  • I'm glad you asked! Seatron is an unreleased LEGO prototype theme created by Jens Nygaard Knudsen (the man who invented the minifigure). I have a fascination for old space themes, and upon learning about unreleased Seatron, I very naturally found myself building Seatron MOC's. While doing some more research on this prototype theme, I also found that Jens Knudsen has recently passed away. In memory of him, I have Seatron led by Commander Jens Knudsen.

What's the story?
  • Below the ice sheets of Planet Krysto, there lies a mysterious world of dense seaweed and powerful energy crystals. Seatron has built an underwater base and use their high-tech Starsubs to explore the murky depths. There is so much to uncover in these alien waters! But little do they know that they're being watched. A very ancient (and hostile) alien civilization have been laying in wait to strike the Intruders... and now's the time to fight. The Spacemen are busy exploring. The aliens are ready to reveal themselves...

Why should this be placed on shelves?
  • Many LEGO fans love space, ocean, mining, and adventure themes... this idea has multiple interests blended into one concept!
  • With classic roots (and a new legend), these models offer both novelty and familiarity... perfect for collectors and builders.
  • Full of many details, this project would be great for play and display.

About the project models. There are two vehicles: the Starsub and Starsub Freighter. These vehicles operate on hydrogen, a powerful fuel that turns back into water. Energy crystals supply power for electrolysis. The Starsub Freighter has an interchangeable cargo crate that can be lifted out using the robotic arm on the Deep Sea Headquarters. The Deep Sea Headquarters has four hydro-laser cannons, a robotic arm, an underwater airlock (aka AQUALOCK), and a rather specious interior. I propose 8 minifigures: 5 Spacemen and 3 Aqua Aliens!

Want to learn more? That's great! I have most of my information sourced, so please read on. I know these are just internet sources... but it's how I learned about it. Enjoy!
It appears prototype Seatron had two color themes in mind (white, black, and red V.S. yellow, black, and blue). I choose the most classic and eye catching color theme. The prototype minifigures were basically Futuron astronauts, so I used the original style with my Spacemen. I also kept the AQUALOCK logo/concept (from the side of the monorail ship) in this project too. I used some inspiration from other classic themes like Ice Planet 2002, Aquanauts, and Futuron. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the alien head I used is not a new piece. It's the head piece from Space Police's Brick Daddy character... but flipped around. The new prints were designed by me digitally.

Thanks for reading! Please consider sharing and supporting this project  :)

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