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Climate Fantasy

This is a re-creation of a painting i made in real life in the past, and now made in LEGO!
Its about climate change on earth and what side we should choose to make it...

Color madness!
Let's begin with positive side.
Yes, its very colorful as you can see, many shining strings of light coming from the sun, a tiny rainbow seen between the trees, happy as well as an unhappy half tree face, and a glad mole creature coming up from the grass plains.
We can also see a whole and a broken heart, which shows the trees feelings.
The trees themselves have many colors on their wood bark which makes hem stand out more, as well as green moss dots. The big tree has many kinds of geometrical flowers on its side which is beautiful.

On the sad side, you can see the pollution coming from factories from big pipes, a ticking round clock with a warning symbol above showing little time left, a tiny factory at bottom left, and massive amount of clouds that represents the CO2 in the air as smog.
Also we can see a portal sucking up many tree remains into itself and it shows that we humans are cutting down too much of our trees which is horrendous for the environment.

This art board has a very unique concept as well as a very important message, if we work together we can make earth a better place for everyone to live on, in the future and for next generations...

Made with by Cronibet

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