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"Are you ready to get to know new technology and fight supervillans? If you do, this drone is perfect for you!"
    Hi everyone, welcome to my first submission to LEGO IDEAS! This thing that you are seeing right here is inspired from a superhero movie that came out not long ago. I started the project right away after watching the movie as it was amazing. It took me months to make it from Lego Mindstorm as there is no reference picture and to make it in Lego Digital Designer took me even longer. My project reach a standstill soon after I started as Lego Digital Designer do not have some parts that I need.
So now, this Drone has finally been accomplished and is ready to "fly".

  •  The wing is can be extended and is movable.
  •  The guns will roll into action when needed.
  •  It is powered by an EV3 Brick.
  •  You can edit the Drone yourself with a Lego Mindstorm set.

  • The interior is quite empty, it only contain an EV3 Brick, some wires and motors.

The set features approximately 580 parts.

If you are a fan my project, remember to click the support button or share it on social media so that it becomes a real LEGO set after it reaches 10K votes. Every vote counts! Thank you for supporting(if you did) and checking out my project!

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