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Humanitarian Aid Mission



The set, as pictured, includes the aircraft, four flight crew members, three aid workers, and three pallet skids of food and supplies. It is a total of 2944 pieces (LDD verified in last picture). The wingspan is 134 bricks (41"), length is 104 bricks (31") and height is 102 plates (13"). The landing gear are functional as well as the rear ramp and side door. The nose separates from the rest of the fuselage and the roof lifts off the cockpit for easier access and play. Designed and scaled for Minifigures.


After entering the aircraft through the side door and steps you can go to the right and into the cargo area, straight to a storage hold under the cockpit or climb the ladder on the left to access the flight deck. Up top there are seats for four crew members; two pilots, a flight engineer, and a loadmaster. There are also two bunks at the rear of the cockpit and a fire extinguisher.

Cargo Compartment

At the front there are eleven seats. An additional twenty-two folding seats line the sides of the aircraft. When folded up there is enough room for all three skids which can be separated by cargo netting. Levers at the front operate the winch to assist in loading the cargo, levers in the rear operate the loading ramp. There is a fire extinguisher at both the front and rear. Parachutes and air tanks hang on the walls above the seats.


The versatility of this Lego set makes it very practical. As pictured in this project, I have made the aircraft a gray color with a custom blue and white paint scheme ready for a humanitarian aid mission, but it could be recolored for a number of different purposes; firefighting, search and rescue, humanitarian medical missions, military operations, maritime patrol, cargo delivery, aerial refueling, etc. It could be easily modified to hang from a ceiling as a display piece or use the landing gear for surface display.

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