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Fully Functional Fast-Erecting Crane

Hi LEGO fans,

During my daily drive to office, I pass by a Liebherr 125k fast-erecting crane, which looks so elegant that I sometimes got my car parked and had a close observation of its operation. As an AFOL Technic, the idea to build a LEGO fully functional fast-erecting crane was naturally born.

However it was soon proven to be a crazy idea, since it is more challenging to brick something small than to brick big, especially when all functions needed be stuffed in so slimed structure of a fast-erecting crane. Moreover, reliable crane erection and operation process put high requirement on every details.

Now the crane finally parks at a corner of my office desk. Whenever I need get thoughts organised, brainstorm some ideas, or just relax for a while, I take out my phone and start Powered Up APP, erect - hoist - travel - slew - fold, just as a real crane operator.

I hope this fast-erecting crane proposal could become an official set so more people can enjoy unlimited playability as me.

What This is a fast-erecting crane based on LEGO Technic parts, insipired by Liebherr K series fast-erecting cranes, with complete function enabled by PoweredUp Hub and motors.
Why build Just to explore the possibility of reproducing the fast-erecting cane with minimal parts, while maximising the playability.
Why great Innovative, might be the first fast-erecting crane with reliable erecting and operating functions. Realistic operating experience, enjoyable and smooth lifting, slewing and trolley travelling remotely controlled by PoweredUp APP. High ratio of playability to bricking effort.

790 parts, incl. 1 Powered Up hub + 4 L motors, crane erecting/hoisting/traveling/slewing remote control via Powered Up APP, max. jib radius 800 mm, hook height 900mm (30° jib angle), crane folded dimensions L330 x W145 x H147 mm.

Thank you very much for your interest to my first submission here! Your support is sincerely appreciated!

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