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Samurai Mountain Outpost


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The model was based on the Japanese Bitchu-Matsuyama Castle. It is a small sized mountain castle with a two floor "Tenshu".

The display shows the Tenshu alongside another satellite tower placed in an angle. Access to the Tenshu is provided by stone stairs that climb gently with the cover of the rather weathered brick defensive wall. Between the two main structures there's a small source of a creek that goes along the wall into a waterfall that ends up in the alpine lake which covers the sides of the rocky bases of the castle. A redish autumn tree together with a yellowish leafed one adorn the place with a small area for meditation and martial arts training between the places.
The set comes with a martial arts student and her sensei, the daimyo, three yari ashigaru defensive guards, a samurai officer and a ninja.
The main focus of the set is its display, specially for its outside lookings, targeting adults wishing a nice piece of decoration for their homes. My attempt with this design was to try making a set pleasant for viewing from all angles, so it gives the option of turning the piece around for a different feel of display.

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