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Tensegrity 'Swimming Octopus'

      Octopi* are amazing animals. They have soft, gelatinous bodies (the only hard part of their bodies being their beaks), they can change their body color using sacks of pigment called chromatophores, and they can even change their skin texture, using special muscles to raise papillae. 
      Tensegrity is (nearly) as amazing as octopi, so in this set I decided to combine them to create the illusion of a swimming octopus. The coloration and general size is based off of the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris**). All of the octopuses arms*** are posable, and the chains can easily be removed, thus removing the stand. 
      I built this set as an upgrade for a previous model, and believe it would make a great set because it is a fun little display.

* The plural can be octopi or octopuses
** Vulgaris (Latin) n. common, everyday, ordinary
*** Cephalopod appendages are as follows: Squid, two long tentacles and 8 shorter arms. Octopi, 8 arms. Nautiluses,~50-60 cirri. 

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