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Settler's Log Cabin


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Hello everyone, this is my latest moc and Lego ideas project called Settler's Log Cabin which I am very proud of. I have been working on it for a couple of months. This creation is based on the style of house and style of living of the American settlers in the 1800s. This set features 2 minifigures, a female settler and a male settler. It also features a baby (from the series 15 minifigures), 2 dogs, a rat, a horse, and 2 pigs (also from the series 15 minifigures). The features of this set include a water well with a bucket which can be lowered up and down by a simple mechanism, a veggie patch with a row of corn, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, and a row which has been harvested. Other features include a log house which is furnished with a bed, a babies cot, some boxes with food, and a fire place which is where food is cooked. A pig pen is included which has opening gates, and a trough with food scraps (Lego food and pieces of course). A brightly coloured tree is another feature. 

Thank you to everyone for visiting this page, and I hope you like this set and support it because it would be awesome and wonderful to get 10k. Please make sure to spread to word about this project of mine with your friends and relatives and the Lego community. Look out for updates.






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