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Sir Peter Wolf's Bane


Join Susan and Peter at the big tree and the archery range.Susan is down by the big tree when suddenly Maugrim the Chief of Police jumps out to attack her.When Susan blows her horn for help, Peter comes to the rescue.Peter has to fend off Maugrim using Rhindon(his sword)to save Susan.

When Peter finally defeats Maugrim.Aslan knights Peter as Sir Peter Wolf's Bane.Aslan is not included in this set though.

This set also includes the archery range.There Susan can practice her archery using her new bow.The archery tent includes a chest.Outside of the tent there is a stand that has two bows.Next to the stand there is a quiver full of arrows.There is also a target.


  • Peter in his vest and with his sword
  • Susan in her Narnian dress with her bow and horn
  • and Maugrim

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