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Berry And Dolly


Based on the Hungarian animated series for children "Bogyó & Babóca" (In English, Berry and Dolly) by Bartos Erika, this set depicts the two main characters of the animation, their house and surroundings and also a few items inside each house.
The episodes of "Bogyó & Babóca" were shown with great success at domestic and international film festivals. The episode "Cricket's Violin" won the best short film award at one of the world's most prestigious children's film events, the 11th China International Children's Film Festival in Jiangjin. The Fairy Tales of Berry and Dolly was also featured as a competition film in the program of the Zlín International Children and Youth Film Festival in the Czech Republic, and many other festivals.
The cartoon series was also translated into Slovenian, Serbian, Romanian and Czech and was broadcast with great success in various countries on the Minimax television channel. The English version is currently in post-production.

An Idea Was Born:

I am a mother of two young children, and in search of an appropriate children's program to watch for my kids I discovered this wonderful animation series, it was accessible in both Hungarian and Romanian languages which we speak, and the content is very educational with absolute no violence, which is a rarity nowadays. It was no surprise that we fell in love with the series, and now I try to merge my kids' love for LEGO and for this animation with this LEGO set idea.
I also think it would be an excellent opportunity for children worldwide to learn about respect, friendship, kindness and fun with the use of this set.

Play Features:

This set includes Berry the snail boy who is often a willful character who knows very little about the world, but is actually very kind-hearted. He is Dolly's best friend with whom they play a lot and go on adventures. Dolly the ladybug, she is a very well-educated, clever character who always wants the best for everyone.
You have in this set both of their houses with accessories and some "Easter eggs".
I built the houses with only 3 walls for easy accessibility and fun play. In this way anyone can reenact the various episodes from the first season of the animation. I tried to maintain a minifigure scale but also consider the fact that they are critters, this is reflected by the scale of the flowers.
Both of the characters have summer headgear - scarf -. There are a few flowers. We have Berry's house with a bed, a toy car and a cabinet. We have Dolly's house with a bed, a flower and a table.

But look, there is something on the wall. I think it's a clue. Maybe if this idea gets to the first milestone of 100 votes we will have a nice surprise.
I promise even more exciting updates along the way!

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