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Dinosaur Brick Collection


This Dinosaur Collection contains 6 strong, coherently built dinosaurs:

  • "fused" Ankylosaurus,
  • "deceptive" Apatosaurus,
  • "roofed" Stegosaurus,
  • "three-horned" Triceratops,
  • "crested" Parasaurolophus, and
  • "shark-toothed" Carcharodontosaurus.

Using basic, sloping, and curving bricks to make the overall form of each animal, the dinosaurs have that unique Lego playability that is lacking in the realistic new dinosaur molds.. Although new Lego dinosaur models have movable legs, arms, and heads and are very realistic-looking, they are made of only specialized Lego molds and are not very reusable. That is, you can't recreate your dinosaur into something better or bigger with other specialized molds, but with these models you can. In addition, the Apatosaurus in this collection has a long movable tail, the Parasaurolophus has movable arms, and the the Carcharodontosaurus has an opening mouth and movable tail.

Containing exactly 500 bricks in about 20 different colors, the only limit to what you can construct with this collection is your imagination. Please Support!

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