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Photo Studio and Music Shop


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This Is my project, the Photo Studio and Music Shop.
The first floor is the photo shop where you can go in and get a professional photographer to take your picture at the top left corner of the room, the studio area has 2 lights and 3 cameras on stands. Opposite the photo booth are some seats to sit and wait your turn on. As you walk in you see the desk where you can book appointments or pay. to the right of the room are 4 machines where you can print your own photos.
The outside of the shop has a huge camera on the wall indication that this is the photo studio. To the right of the building is the stair case going up to the music store.
The music store is full of instruments and musical things. To the left of the door are two tables, one with maracas and the other has microphones. Next to them are stands holding saxophones and brick built trombones and next to the trombones are 2 record players. To the right of the door is the cash register. Next to that is a drum kit. On the back wall are a few guitars and cases. In the middle is a shelf with note books and sheet music, and finally to the left wall are 2 brick build pianos with candles and sheet stands. This store has a huge music note on the outside indicating that this is the music store. 
This project includes 5 figures and 1 baby with a brick built buggy. 
 I really hope you like this project and that you will support it and share it with friends and family. 
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