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Medieval Inn


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"A leap into the Middle Ages made by knights and travelers, of stone and wood hotels. A build based on historical research and on the archaeological ruins of the medieval hospitalia built by the Norman people in southern Italy."

:: The Build ::
These inns, called Hospitals at the time, were hosted by Norman Knights to provide lodging and food for travelers. The build consists of 4 modules hinged together to allow different set ups. From a "fully closed" building, to a "half open" with a larger front side and indoor access at the back, to a full "alley mode", the possibilites are endless.

This idea project features among others:

  • Dining area. Main floor with shared dining tables for the guests.
  • Kitchen. A fully equipped kitchen with a cook knight. There's also a little food storage area under the staircase.
  • Sleeping quarters. Second floor with beds for the travelers to rest in. These beds are period correct, consisting on hay and a couple of rough blankets.
  • Knights leader's office. Featuring a separate entrance, waiting area and guest book where the host knights' leader checks travelers in.
  • Stables. A stables area for the knights to shelter their warhorses.
  • Well. A full minifig scale water well.
  • Firewood storage. A woodcutting corner and wood storage area.
The piece count is 1869 pieces. That includes all the parts that build the minifigures. 

:: The minifigs ::
The set includes a total of 10 minifigs:
- 3 worker knights
- 2 guard knights (one mounted)
- 3 travellers/pilgrims

:: The product idea ::
I think this idea has 3 main strenghs to it: the nostalgia value, the historical value and the display value.
First off, it would make for a great LEGO set for those AFOLs who grew up playing with the castle theme sets (like I did). For kids, apart from being a very playable set with both civilians and knights, horses and the dollhouse layout, it holds an educational value from the historical facts the set reflects. Finally, as a display piece this would not only look great in its original form, but also in each one of the configurations it can adopt.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy the product idea!

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