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White Shark Cove


I usually like to include a story with my projects, but on this occasion I’m not. This scene was part of a trio of builds with a story linking them, but it was rejected so I’ve decided to submit them separately.

The cove was quite an easy build to start with, but the abandoned tavern was a little tricky because the floor is uneven so adding the door was awkward. I started with the sea and the coast outline, but had to position the small rock so that the rope bridge would fit. I wanted to make the tavern look old and abandoned meaning it had to look quite rough and wonky! I had a good idea about what everything would look like, but had no idea about the roof. Some online research was needed, but many of the roofs contained parts I didn’t have enough of. I settled for a simple plate roof with added tiles and some stickers.

I originally started with a small raised baseplate (part 53588pb01), Once I started, the small rock just didn’t look right so that was abandoned and the cove was all brick-built. I intended to use BURP rock panels for the cliff, but I gave up waiting for the order from Lego to arrive and just started building with slopes. Luckily I had enough, just! I think the rocks look much better than if I’d used the BURP panels anyway.

The white shark stands out in the setting so it had to be called White Shark Cove.

I thought of a few new ideas to set a scene, including a bunch of kids that are using it as a hangout, or a tourist attraction, but in the end I decided to just include the one minifigure and let you decide what he’s doing there. He seems very curious about the black flipper hanging from the roof.  And who does that cat belong to?

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