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NASA Tesla "Astro-Suv"


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(Dear LEGO Ideas,

This isn't a battle pack. The models are the NASA Tesla Model Xs. Also, the third-party reference is all just about NASA. NASA modified the Tesla Model Xs, so it's theirs. It's also theirs because they put their NASA logos on it...

Bin L)

This is NASA's Tesla Model X that transported the 2 astronauts to the SpaceX Rocket!


This is a 1:29 (true-Minifigure) scale model of NASA's Tesla Model X. It features 2 NASA Tesla Model Xs with functions and Minifigures. This project took a week and was a hassle to design the vehicle (oh the round corners).

About the NASA Tesla "Astro-SUV":

This NASA Tesla "Astro-SUV" is really just NASA's modified Tesla Model X. NASA stopped using Airstream's Astrovan's to transport their astronauts and used Tesla's Model X (to fit the "green" standards. Airstream has made the Astrovan and the Astrovan II for NASA already). The Tesla was significantly better than the Astrovan, comfortably seating 7 passengers in an SUV (compared to 8 in a bus). It was also a vehicle that transported the astronauts to the SpaceX rocket, so of course, Elon Musk had NASA use his Teslas.

Why I made this:

I made this because I just want to get a bunch of support on LEGO Ideas. I have done much "research" on making good ideas and getting many supports. Looking in the past, I saw a LEGO Ideas NASA Airstream Astrovan got 4,000 supporters. Because my goal was to get 1K, I decided that maybe something would work.

Another reason I made this was to include Minifigures in a true-Minifigure scale model for the first time. I have made a true-Minifigure scale model before but didn't put Minifigures in it. This model best shows the playability of my true-Minifigure scale models!

How I made this:

It was kind of a hassle to design this NASA Tesla Model X. Unlike any other car, Teslas are very VERY curvy. As you can see in my video, I used SNOT hinges and even an illegally-built SNOT slope! How crazy! The good thing is, it wasn't as hard as an Airstream...

The hardest part of the NASA Tesla Model X was making the "spine". The spine held the panoramic roof, falcon-wing doors, and the expansive tailgate. It was really hard to put all of those on - and it was quite unstable.

Watch my video here! It's short and simple, so don't get bored!

Why this would be a good set:

Why would this be a great set? Well, I'm not aiming for this to become a set. I just want this to get 1K supports. If this LEGO Idea does become a set, I guess it would be great with LEGO's existing SpaceX set!


Here's my simple goal: To get 1K supports! I have done much research and think this idea will work. I hope this works out!

Remember my Goal: 1K Supports!
1) 100
2) 300
3) 600
4) 1,000!

Thank you very much for your support! Please share this somewhere... :D

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