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Little Suburb House



I'm not sure if we can make it to a hundred supporters, but I hope we can. Thanks anyway for the 24 supports so far.


New Lego Set!

A new Lego set is coming! It will be in the discover category in 1-2 days, or even today! I hope you guys like it!


Sorry messed up!

Actually, there is no house because of my sister. She said needs to be modified. So I'll give a shout out when It's done. Really sorry!


The New House!

Just as a little sneak peak, I'll tell you guys about a new house! I was helped by my sister and it's a little similar to my first one but you'll see the difference. I hope you guys will like it!


Inside the house!

There is a picture of the bed that can fit 2 minifigs, and the vanity with a hair brush and perfume. In the second picture the ring in the basket is the girl's. 

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