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Feast your eyes on Sharkopolis! An underwater temple that belongs to an ocean dwelling species called the Sharkonians! These humanoids, whilst not sharks themselves, share some similarities and live alongside sharks in harmony.

There seems to be a theme running in Sharkopolis. From the giant, mouth shaped doorway, to the Large fin that sits atop the whole structure. Not to mention the... ahem... shark drawn chariot! Bet you haven't seen one of those before! Think of it like a horse drawn chariot only with a lot more teeth! And its just as well they have one...

As out of the depths a Giant Reptilian Creature has emerged! This Green Scaly Monster really likes gold, something Sharkopolis has quite a lot of! As you might be able to see from the pictures!

Included in the Set are 4 Sharkonians, A Shark Drawn Chariot, a Big Green Sea Monster, and a number of other ocean dwelling creatures! 

I hope you like it! 

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