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French BB7200 Locomotive


French BB7200 locomotive

Very fancy remote controlled locomotive inspired by the famous French BB 7200 engine with a sleek and detailed design.

Nice features:

  • The roof is easily openable so you can fit your favourite minifigures inside it
  • There are many clever building techniques (upside-down windows, snot, orange broken line)
  • You can drive it around in your modular city thanks the power functions and the remote control
  • There is a very easy roof access to the battery box button that switches the engine on

Story time:

This BB7200 was born in France in the 80's and is still widely used nowadays. What's interesting it's often working with one or two engines to make a long cargo train or passenger transport. This train has a very unique and recognizable nose which gives it its special charm that I reproduced out of my bricks!

I hope you like it :) Don't hesitate to ask in comments if you have any questions about the project.

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