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LEGO Cath Lab

Cardiac Cath Lab

Cardiac Catheterization

Heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death world wide.  A Cardiac Catheterization can be used to both diagnose and treat   heart conditions.  This is a prodcedure that is performed in what is known as a Cath Lab, by a skilled team made up of Nurses, Scrub/X-ray techs and Cardiologists.

The Cath Lab team will gain access to the heart through the radial or femoral artery.  A thin tube called a catheter is advanced through the artery and into the heart.  Contrast is then injected through the catheter into the coronary arteries of the heart.  Live x-ray known as fluoroscopy is used allowing for the arteries to be visible.  Blockages can be seen, and a pathway can be created to fix it.


The Set

This set is a replica of a Cardiac Cath Lab suite you would find in a typical hospital.  No two Cath Labs are alike, but this set provides essential features Cath Labs have in common.


Cath Lab suite

The foundation of the set is the Cath Lab suite.  It features a room where the procedure is performed.  It has an X-ray C-arm that has two points of articulation.  The patient table spins 360 degrees.  The room aslo has a pyxis which is an electronic locked storage unit for product.  It also features an ACT machine where a patient's blood can be measured for its clotting time.  There are built in beams for an overhead light as well as a procedural display screen.  Finally the room can split in half with help from built in hinges to reveal a monitor room for easy play.


Scrub Table

No Cath Lab is complete without the Scrub Tech's table.  To be able to preform a Cardiac Cath you need a table where you can organize and inventory all the products and devices for the procedure.  This set provides you with that scrub table.  The table aslo comes with the option to add a tray of instruments for the case.


Code Cart

It would be impossible to preform a Cardiac Cath without a code cart.  A code cart is a mobile cart that is stocked with lifesaving devices and products to help save a life in danger.  The code cart in this set has two green oxygen tanks, a defibrillator, two doors on either side that open for additional emergency product stroage and a walkie-talkie.



This set provides you with four mini-figures essential to any Cath Lab:

-The Patient

-The Cardiologist

-Scrub/X-ray Tech

-The Nurse

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