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Peg Solitaire, Solo Noble - Frog Solitaire, Solo Frog

Peg Solitaire, Solo Noble - Frog solitaire, Solo Frog

When the sun goes down, the frogs begin to play! Jump in here, jump in there, and everybody has fun!

The standard game fills the entire board with frogs except for the central space. The objective is, making valid moves, to empty the entire board except for a solitary frog in the central water lily.

A valid move is to jump a frog orthogonally over an adjacent frog into a water lily two positions away and then to remove the jumped frog.

The game ends when no more movement is possible. On this occasion, the player wins maximum score if only one piece remains on the board.

The best possible result is to end with just one frog in the central water lily, which started empty.

Let’s jump!

Extra: The Frog Jump Puzzle

Move all the green and brown frogs to the opposite sides. A frog can jump over only one other frog to land onto a vacant leaf. Frogs cannot jump backwards. If you find you have blocked your frogs into an impossible position, you can start again!

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