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Ratatouille is one of the best 3D animated movies of all time released in 2007. I fell in love with this movie at a young age and I still get goosebumps when I hear Ego’s monologue from the end of the film. It is pleasure to watch! Not only kids will be engaged to this masterpiece but an older audience as well!

My main motivation to create an idea based on Ratatouille is that it is one of my favourite movies and because of it I am currently learning French and cooking. I decided to create the restaurant because we see most of it during the film. There are also Gusteau’s employees rushing into the kitchen. Easter Eggs are also included such as the "Anyone Can Cook" book and much more. The individual rooms can separate from each other with a technic mechanism.

To conclude, my idea is based on one of the greatest PIXAR animated movies and also to make a tribute to Ratatouille.

Piece count: 2368
Minifigures: 9

Characters: Remy, Linguini, Colette, Anton Ego, Chef Skinner, Horst, Larousse, Lalo, Pompidou, Mustafa (hair 38800), Emile and Django.

"Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere." - Anton Ego

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