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Forest Ranger Fire Truck and Motorcycle: Part 1


Hi, I am excited to share with everybody my new idea called Forest Ranger Fire Truck and Motorcycle. This idea has 227 total bricks and pieces.  Here is a description of the Forest Ranger Fire Truck and then i will talk about the Motorcycle. Two Forest Rangers with fire gear and forest ranger helmets.  For the Forest Ranger Fire Truck front you have inside one yellow seat, one green seat, two red front doors, coffee cup holde r, coffee cup, driving wheel, driving stick, windshield, 4 clear lights on top of it with four light holders, two black mirrors,  a white light bar, and 4 green square warning lights on top, a plate holder with number plate on the front, two yellow headlights, two green dot warning lights beside.

For the middle of the Forest Ranger Fire Truck you have two green dots with gray smoke stacks, step ladder, standing square, a red bar that holds all the mechanisms, a water lever, a water meter, a water pressure guage,two yellow side lights, two orange caution lights, next to the red bar you have a red and black big moving  water pump hose nozzle that moves from side to side , for the pump i used a red clamp, a red magazine holder, a red cover, a red rectangle with two yellow hose circles and yellow nozzle,  also on the pump you have green flashing warning squares around the pump, next you have the water tank that opens and closes, you have 6 pieces of blue water, a red and white fire axe, a yellow and red fire extinguisher. Also one the back of the Forest Ranger Fire Truck you have a long white bar with two green square warning lights, a small plain white bar, and a long rectangular blue light.

Now for the Forest Ranger Motorcycle you have a Red Motorcycle and Body, two green mirror dots, a plain green side bar that will say Forest Ranger, a green flashing side bar, a fire extinguisher, a green walkie talkie, a forest ranger with fire gear, a green motor cycle helmet with blue visor, a black flashlight stick with green dot on it.  

I built this idea because Lego have left out a big portion for the Fire Department sets and they don't have any Forest Ranger products, if this idea of mine becomes the making of a set then that will help finsish the unfinished area of the Fire Department sets that Lego makes.  I am also a volunteer firemen in my town and these people are important in our fire fighting capabilities. This looks like a great set to add to any Fire Department, it was easy to build and would be hours of fun for everyone. Please feel free to share this idea with your family members and friends and thanks.

Your Builder and Lego fan Treetop 2017!

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