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Hiking Boots (My Old Friend)


Size : 270 mm x 120mm x 170mm (h)

Parts : 1848



I built up the bottom of the shoes by horizontally. And I used pin to fix the upper base. After that I built up the stud on bricks vertically for made its main frame. And I took its shape by using slope bricks. I expressed back side of this shoes by using plate. I think this method make your building won’t be boring..



These shoes are hiking boots I have worn since 2015.

After wearing these shoes for more than two years, my shoes are worn out and I can no longer function as a hiking boot. This poor friend had no choice but to abandon it. But I made it into a brick to remember the great time I spent with him forever. I hope that it will give everyone who builds it the opportunity to think of a person, an object, who has been with their memories.


A full story and building process :


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