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Icons of F1 - Hunt and Lauda

This set was inspired by two of the most famous racers I know of and love.
Besides Schumacher, James Hunt and Niki Lauda are my favorites from the history of Formula One, with their famous rivalry that turned into mutual respect after Lauda experienced a near-fatal crash while racing in Nürburgring, 1976.

Almost 40 years has passed since then.
Now, with the release of Ron Howard's biographical drama film "Rush", based on the lives of these two icons, I decided to build a set in honor of their accomplishments.

Dedicated to the memory of James Hunt, who passed away in 1993 - the year I was born.

UPDATE - 10.05.13:
Made some changes to the vehicles and minifigs, and added the first of many rendered photos to come. Also, thanks to my first supporters!

UPDATE - 10.07.13:
All photos are now rendered!
Took a while, but it was well worth it. Now I just have to refine my "rendering skills" and create some decals for these vehicles. Stay tuned! :)

The two cars, with James Hunt on the left and Niki Lauda - currently in the lead - on the right side.

As of now, the cars actually have bucket handles for steering, but I'm looking for a suitable way of replacing them with detachable steering wheels. Would be a little more accurate!

Hunt's car, the McLaren M23D.

I'm pretty happy with how the design worked out and that it's to scale with the minifig, though some tweaks will probably be made.

As soon as I gain some experience in how to properly add digital decals, the car will look a lot more "sponsored" than it does now :P Another thing I'll try to change is the color of Hunt's masked head (as seen in the helmet), so it matches the flesh tone of the alternate, unmasked head.

Lauda's car, the Ferrari 312 T2.

Again, decals would make this look a lot better, but I'm getting there :)
One thing I want to change is Lauda's masked head (seen under the helmet), so it both matches his real-life '76 mask with separate eye holes and change the skin tone to match his alternate, unmasked head.

Back of the cars.

Not as sleek as I would like, but it gets the job done :)

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