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Super Angel


Harking back to the days of many-to-one superhero Japanese fighting robots of the 1980s, this reconfigurable modular police plane allows one to change the capabilities of the the vehicle to respond to varied emergency conditions.  This way the first responders can get to the scene of the crime and catch all the bad guys.  This police plane is actually composed of 3 separate vehicles that merge together to make Super Angel.  

On there own, the lower front and middle vehicles are piloted by police officers whereas the smallest one in the back is an autonomous smart super jet.  Each police aircraft can separate or merge in a different order than the one shown here, while flying to apprehend criminals and keep the peace.  The smallest super jet, while not able to carry an officer, is able to dive below the surface of water to extend the long arm of the law to rivers, lakes, harbors and the oceans.  I built this as part of a fantasy futuristic police force, so that future robbers and bad guys know that crime doesn't pay.

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